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What does this charge mean?

Let’s say you’ve just been arrested for a drug crime in Arkansas. They’ve taken you to the police station and you’re now in the interrogation room. Please, remember that you have the right to remain (completely) silent and the right to an attorney. You are not legally required to say anything about where you were, what you were doing or whether or not you had or were using drugs. The only thing you should say is that you would like to politely request a lawyer. 

 Questions to ask potential lawyers: 

When you do talk to a lawyer about the charges against you, there are some questions you should definitely ask before hiring them for your drug case:

  • What are the charges against me and how serious are they?

  • How long have you been practicing law?

  • Have you handled this type of drug offense before?

  • What defenses do you think may work for my case?

  • What are the weak parts of my case?

  • What are the best and worst possible scenarios for my case?

  • Should I go to trial or accept a plea bargain?

  • Are there sentencing alternatives like drug treatment that I can attend instead of jail?

Asking your attorney these questions will not only provide you with essential information regarding your freedom, but it will also help reassure you that you’ve found the best attorney for drug cases. 

Drug cases often involve a question of how the evidence was obtained by law enforcement. The court can find evidence as unlawfully obtained if the officers violated any search and seizure rights or rights against self-incrimination. With no evidence, there may be a better chance for your case to have a good outcome. 

One common question regarding drug cases is, “If I’m going to plead guilty, do I still need a lawyer? If so, why?” Well, even if you plead guilty, a lawyer can still provide expert advice on what actions give you the best chance of decreasing your sentence and increasing your chances of freedom. If the law gets a voice (the Prosecutor), so should you! The best attorneys for drug cases know that their duty is to fight for your constitutional rights and make sure you’re protected. 

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