Arkansas Adoption

Adoption makes the adoptive parent(s) the legal parent(s) of a child. When a child is adopted, biological parentage really no longer matters. In Arkansas, there are a few different types of adoption: 

  • Relative/Family Member Adoptions are typically when a child is adopted by a step-parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. If a child is adopted by a step-parent and a divorce occurs, both parents will still have the same rights and responsibilities for the child as if it were both parties’ biological kid.

  • Public Agency Adoptions are through DHS. Relative and non-relative adoptions can both be public agency adoptions. 

  • Private Agency Adoptions are typically when a non-family member adopts a child. 

There are a lot of things to think about before you consider adopting a child. You should absolutely talk to an experienced Arkansas adoption attorney before you start the process. Some common concerns in adoption are future child support and loss of custody (even if you’re the biological parent). Because this process is intense and confusing, it’s best to have a lawyer by your side through it all. 

Frequent Questions 

Answers to common 

Do couples have to be married to adopt? Can single people adopt?

Arkansas law does not take marital status into account when considering adoption. However, some private agencies require that couples be married for certain periods of time. 

Can a felon adopt a child?

It depends. Usually, a social worker will review the case and determine your eligibility. If you have a violent crime or have been convicted of abuse or neglect, your chances are slim. However, not all felonies stop you from adopting. 

Why do people adopt adults?

Adoption isn’t just for minors. Sometimes, adults get legally adopted to solidify a relationship with a family member, to allow someone to make medical decisions for them, or to make estate planning/inheritance easier.

How much does an adoption attorney cost?

It depends. The price will usually vary based on how complex the case is, but not hiring an adoption lawyer can definitely end up costing you more. 

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