Sexual Offenses

Sex Offenses Attorney in Arkansas

What is classified as a sexual offense?

Sex offenses are some of the most serious crimes in Arkansas. Usually, when someone is arrested for this type of offense, they’re arrested on a warrant. This means that someone told law enforcement that the individual committed a sex offense, and then law enforcement uses that information to get an arrest warrant from a Judge. 

If you ever hear of any sex offense allegations against yourself – even if it’s just from a friend, family member, pastor, DHS, etc. –  you need to call a sex crime lawyer in Arkansas immediately. Don’t make any statements, consent to any searches, or discuss the allegations with anyone if you haven’t hired a sex offense attorney. With these types of cases, it’s important to get as far ahead of them as you can. 

Besides prison time, the conviction of any sex crime in Arkansas comes with mandatory sex offender registration (SOR). Being on the SOR is a heavy task to comply with. You have to register where you live, the car you drive, any phone numbers you use, any social media ID’s you use, and you may have restrictions on computer/internet use. If you don’t comply with the requirements of the SOR, you can be charged with a new offense that carries up to 10 years in prison. 

Anyone on the SOR can petition to the Court for removal after 15 years. However, people with an aggravated sex offense or multiple convictions for sex offenses can be registered for life. For convicted sex offenses, being placed on the SOR is mandatory. For some non-sexual offenses, SOR is up to the Court. Since these charges can be complicated, it’s smart to call a sex offense attorney in Arkansas immediately if you’ve heard of possible allegations against you. 

Rape/Sexual Assault

Rape and sexual assault are (simply put) improper sexual intercourse, activity, and/or contact between a person and another person. Since there are so many levels of sexual offenses in Arkansas, what a person is charged with usually depends on the level of contact. 

Child Pornography

Child Pornography is the possession of sexually explicit material involving children. These cases involve expert eyewitnesses, computer experts, internet experts, etc. This is a Class C felony and can be punished with 3 to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What constitutes a sexual offense in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, sexual offenses encompass various acts, including rape, sexual assault, indecent exposure, and child molestation. Each offense is defined by specific statutes, and legal assistance is crucial to navigate these complexities.

2. What should I do if I'm accused of a sex offense?

If accused of a sex offense, promptly consult with an experienced sex offense attorney. Refrain from making statements to law enforcement without legal representation and adhere to your attorney’s guidance throughout the legal process.

3. What are the consequences of a sex crime conviction in Arkansas?

Consequences of a sex crime conviction in Arkansas may include imprisonment, fines, mandatory sex offender registration, and a lasting impact on personal and professional life. Seeking immediate legal counsel is imperative.

4. Can I be removed from the Sex Offender Registry?

Removal from the Sex Offender Registry is possible under specific circumstances, often requiring a petition and court approval. Consult with a knowledgeable sex offense attorney to explore options for removal.

5. What is Rape/Sexual Assault, and how are charges determined?

Rape and sexual assault charges in Arkansas involve non-consensual sexual acts. Charges are determined based on factors like force, coercion, or lack of consent. Legal representation is crucial to build a robust defense.

6. What is Child Pornography, and what are the legal consequences?

Child pornography involves the creation, distribution, or possession of explicit material involving minors. Legal consequences include severe penalties, mandatory registration, and potential federal charges. Seek immediate legal advice if facing such allegations.

7. How does the severity of contact affect sexual offense charges?

The severity of physical contact significantly influences the charges and potential penalties for sexual offenses. Understanding these nuances requires legal expertise to build an effective defense strategy.

8. What role does the Sex Offender Registry play in non-sexual offenses?

The Sex Offender Registry primarily applies to those convicted of sexual offenses. However, certain non-sexual offenses may trigger registration requirements, emphasizing the importance of legal counsel to navigate these nuances.

9. Can I be charged with a new offense for not complying with SOR requirements?

Failure to comply with Sex Offender Registry (SOR) requirements may result in new criminal charges. Adherence to registration obligations is crucial, and legal guidance is necessary to avoid additional legal consequences.

10. Is removal from the Sex Offender Registry guaranteed after 15 years?

Removal from the Sex Offender Registry is not guaranteed after 15 years. Each case is unique, and eligibility for removal is subject to specific criteria. Consult with an experienced attorney to assess individual circumstances.

11. What expertise is needed for Child Pornography cases?

Handling Child Pornography cases requires a deep understanding of both state and federal laws. A sex offense attorney with expertise in this field can provide effective representation and navigate the complexities of such cases.

12. How can a sex offense attorney help in navigating complex cases?

A skilled sex offense attorney can provide strategic legal counsel, assess evidence, challenge prosecution arguments, negotiate favorable plea deals, and build a robust defense. Their expertise is essential in navigating the intricacies of complex sex offense cases in Arkansas.


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