Drug Offenses

Drug Offense Lawyer

What is the difference between drug offenses?

Being charged with a drug crime in Arkansas requires the possession or distribution of controlled substances. These crimes range from misdemeanors to Class Y felonies. The level of charge you get depends on the type of substance, the amount of substance, and whether or not it’s being distributed. No matter what type of charge you receive, call a drug offense lawyer immediately. 

Possession Charge

There are 2 types of possession in Arkansas – actual and constructive: Actual Possession of a thing is direct physical control over it. Constructive Possession exists when a person, though not in actual possession of a thing, has the right to control it and intends to do so, either directly or through another person(s). 

Drug Cases

Drug cases often involve a question of how the evidence was obtained by law enforcement. The court can find evidence as unlawfully obtained if the officers violated any search and seizure rights or rights against self-incrimination. With no evidence, there may be a better chance for your case to have a good outcome.

Distribution Charge

Trafficking a controlled substance is usually the most severe of the drug charges. If you get charged with this, it’s essential that you hire the best attorney for distribution charges. Trafficking requires possession, delivery, and manufacture of a controlled substance in a certain (usually substantial) weight. 


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